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Shay Hunter
Shay HunterFounder
Shayvette (Shay) Hunter enjoys helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary financial gains while building a long lasting legacy through Real Estate. Using Positioning for Profit strategies Shayvette’s clients experience fiscally sound results through developing their Real Estate Portfolio. Shayvette’s industry experience and knowledge helps cement her commitment to the client developing actionable plans that will ensure their dreams are achieved. Superior customer service and hands on client support is what secures her seat among the best of the best in Real Estate investing.
After being laid off for 6 months, Shayvette decided to try her hand in the Real Estate game. Introduced to the industry by a very successful real estate investor, mentor, and coach she quickly learned how to close real estate transactions without using her own MONEY or CREDIT. Taking the the skills she gained from her mentor, Shayvette not only mastered them, but enhanced those skills and industry knowledge by implementing new strategies which ultimately gave birth to co-ownership of Keep Selling Property.
Shayvette, a Delaware native, earned a B.S Degree in Business Management from Virginia Common Wealth University in Richmond, VA. Married with three lovely daughters, Shayvette enjoys participating in community programs to teach and enhance life skills of all youth and aspiring young adults. Shayvette currently divides her time in leadership serving as a Girls Scouts leader and in the Women’s Ministry at her church.
Kim Broomer
Kim BroomerFounder
Kimberly A. Broomer is the Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Keep Selling Property LLC (KSP). Kimberly’s out of the box thinking coupled with her innovative ideas are the driving force that keeps KSP relevant and moving forward in multiple business arenas. Kimberly’s natural talent in leadership and industry knowledge helps drive success in all aspects of real estate, including investing, development and consulting. A strong advocate of legacy building, Kimberly believes real estate should be a part of all business portfolios and helps individuals to realize how real estate can help fuel their life dreams.

Kimberly is a qualified real estate investor and mortgage consultant with more than 10 years of experience that includes her time working as a mortgage loan officer, which taught her the importance of people before profit. Prior to starting her real estate business, Kimberly served the country for 6 years as a soldier in the United States Army.

Keep Selling Property offers a wide range of programs and services from the We Buy Houses Program, to the new investor F.L.I.P. Academy, as well as residential and commercial development. KSP not only is a part of the real estate industry, but is a top contender in the tri-state area.

Kimberly is a native of Wilmington, DE and is married to her wonderful husband Gary. Together they live in New Castle with their three children: daughter Nevaeh, son Donte, and Tina (the family dog). Kimberly is known best by her friends and family for making amazing sweet potato pies from scratch and in her spare time mentors in and around her community.

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