Keep Selling Property presents Flip Academy

A great opportunity for individuals from all financial backgrounds to learn how to purchase and sell investment properties

What makes Flip Academy so special?

Our F.L.I.P. Academy Program is a personal, hands-on training program that leverages the power and focus of one-on-one and group coaching to get you the MONEY, TIME and FREEDOM you deserve! It is a 12 month real estate coaching program that ensures your investing success through our personal expertise, guidance and mentorship.
  • You get Kim and Shay, which gives you access to TWO individuals with knowledge so you can know exactly how to make money in real estate. We are not just the founders of KSP. We are personally working with you to close your deals.
  • You get regularly scheduled strategy sessions with Kim and Shay, which gives you continuous high level touch points and a clear map on how to move forward so you can make MAJOR steps in a short amount of time.
  • You get an exact blueprint on making money in real estate. The exact blueprint we use. So you’re not wasting your time.
  • You get all of our air tight documents – contracts, invoices and addendums which dismisses the headache of guessing So you can run smoothly through the flipping process… and get paid.
  • You get a customized success plan that ensures the actions you take will lead you to your financial goals.
  • Unlike some of the other real estate programs we actually give you the meat and potatoes!
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Discover how Flip Academy can help you gain additional income

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Benefits of Flip Academy

  • Learn how to make a six-figure income without spending thousands on advertising.
  • Learn how to train “bird-dogs” or “deal finders” so they bring you quality leads.
  • Learn how to write offers that will get accepted over the competition, even when you offer less!
  • Learn how to use the proper contingencies to protect yourself from legal nightmares.
  • Learn how to get around the non-assignability clause and flip bank-owned properties.
  • Learn how to determine the After-Repaired-Value (“ARV”) for properties.
  • Learn how to become an expert in estimating repairs – even if you’ve never picked up a hammer!
  • Learn how to understand the importance of neighborhoods when making a buying decision.
  • Learn how to create a powerful wholesaling team including; title companies, lenders, real estate brokers, contractors, attorneys, and tax advisors
  • Learn how to ensure you always remain in control of your deals.
  • Learn how to gather accurate information before negotiating with a seller.
  • Learn how to get all the pre-approvals you ever need – even if you have bad credit.
  • Learn how to market your properties to investors and get the prices you want.
  • Learn how to “double-dip” by making huge profits on the front-end AND back-end of your deals.
  • Learn how to find and work with investors that will buy deals from you.
We made a profit of $9000 flipping this house

What our students say about Flip Academy

Check out actual testimonials from our past and present students. They agree that F.L.I.P. is a life-changing program!

What I got out of attending Kim and Shay’s 4-hour seminar is way more valuable that what I spent to participate. I’ve always been passionate about real estate and for a long time, have wanted to get into real estate investing. At the time that I attended Kim and Shay’s seminar, I had just enrolled in a real estate investing training program. While I had started it and it was going well, I was still skeptical about if it was really possible to make gobs of money in that field without putting forth any of my own. Or without using my credit. I was so excited when I saw them post that they were going to host a seminar on how to do what they do.

I made the decision to attend their workshop because we are entrepreneurs who share the same business coach and I knew from being around them that they are women of strong character who do what they do well. Fast forward to the seminar…the energy in the room was electric, not to mention Kim, who lights up any room that she’s in. Hearing their personal testimony about how they got started (the ups and downs) as well as some beginning strategies to jump into the investing gave me the confidence that that line of business was 100% real and large profits were 100% possible…with dedication and knowledgeable mentors like them at your side. I walked away from that seminar armed, excited, and ready to be a real estate investor. It has been less than one year since then and I can say that the profits I’ve made using the knowledge I gained have been nothing short of amazing. If you want to get involved in real estate investing and have the opportunity to work with Kim and Shay (if you’re reading this stop and just sign on with them), go for it! Your life and your bank account will thank you.

Hayya Lee, CPC, ELI-MP, HayyaLiving, LLC
By attending F.L.I.P. Academy, it has re-energized me. I will focus on my daily goals to be able to become debt free.
Kay, Vineland, NJ
Step-by-step system on how to flip properties without using your own cash or credit.
I have not only gotten my life, I’ve realized the reason I have a life…to bless others
Invaluable knowledge that will create wealth in my family for generations to come.
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